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Tasha NgTasha Ng
05:27 07 Jun 22
I reached out to Michelle because I was referred to her for powder ombreing my eyebrows. Honestly, the best eyebrows I've had. Everyone compliments on my eyebrows and the best part is, it looks so natural. The eyebrow shape is amazing.Michelle was flexible in changing the shape until I was happy with it and she didn't make me feel bad for wanting to make it thinner or thicker again. You know how sometimes when you change the drawing too much, the lady or guy doing your brows starts getting sassy about it? Yea, it didn't happen here and I was SUPER happy that she made me feel so comfortable.Truly looks amazing and I think if you don't get your eyebrows done by her, you're missing out.
21:44 26 May 22
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Michelle when she was first starting out in the beauty world and it has truly been amazing to see how much she has grown, as an artist and as a business. Her work has always been meticulous right from the get go, and she made me feel welcome and comfortable with my first eyebrow microblading. She is such a caring individual and really values client loyalty, even honoring the prices of your initial appointment years later. My eyebrows look perfect and only trust her to do my brows for years to come. So truly thankful for you Michelle!
Janey LowJaney Low
03:59 06 May 22
If you are considering lip blush, I would recommend seeing Tracey! We debated between the colour coral or red based on my favourite lipstick. Tracey was attentive and patient. I had many questions, especially during the healing stage. She always replied promptly! What I appreciated the most was her commitment to ensuring that I was ecstatic with the outcome! Thank you, Tracey!
Aiko MollardAiko Mollard
18:12 11 Dec 21
I’ve been getting my lashes done at Meraki for a few years now. I love the warm + welcoming atmosphere at Meraki.Look no further, this IS the place to go for all things beauty!! Lashes, brows, nails, teeth whitening!! And the team is so kind and talented! 🙂
Arielle JosephineArielle Josephine
00:23 29 Nov 21
Had an amazing experience with Vickie at Meraki! Can't believe she's still in training. I waited a couple weeks before writing this review to see how they heal and I love them even more than the day they were fresh. Will be recommending all my friends to Meraki!!
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  • Burnaby Now A-List best eyelash bar 2018
  • Burnaby Now A-List best Brow Care 2019
  • Burnaby’s Best Spa & Aesthetics 2020
  • BC Small Business Premier’s Choice Award 2022 Nominee
  • BC Business 30 Under 30 Winner
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I was looking for a quote and came across somewhere on Pinterest that said, “If you want to feed the homeless, then feed the homeless. But the moment you put it on social media, you’re also feeding your ego.” Now, isn’t that the truth? It reminds me of the one episode on Friends where Phoebe and Joey talk about how doing something nice for someone is technically a selfish act (if you haven’t watched it, I highly, highly recommend it). Are we doing a good thing for our community? Yes. Are we also doing it to feel good about ourselves? Also, yes. However, the main focus we want to pinpoint is not so much, “Hey! Look, we did a good thing!”

But more awareness.

If us posting our good deeds can plant a small seed in your mind inspiring you to think, “Hey, maybe I should do something nice today,” then THAT is what we are looking for. We live in a world where social media is constantly feeding our minds that happiness only comes in materialistic items, constant travelling, and all the highlighted moments in another’s life that makes one think, “Why isn’t my life like that too?”.

But we all know it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.

This is why I believe showing you are doing something good can also have the same impact. Not only does this create social awareness in our community, but also brings us here at Meraki just a little closer.

Some of the charities we have chosen to work with hold a special place in our hearts. For example, handing out sandwiches in DTES is very important to me because I used to work at Royal Bank of Canada on Main & Hastings. For those of you who don’t live in the lower mainland, it is the core of where most homelessness stay. I was exposed to a small glimpse of how low income housing functions just by the people who came into the bank. The 2 years that I worked there showed me that these were simply people who were dealt the wrong cards in life. If the definition of compassion is the willingness to relieve the suffering of another, then we must not show sympathy, but compassion for them.

Therefore, I have found a better quote:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

  • Mahatma Gandhi

Ironically, it was only a few photos from the first one, ha! This quote definitely speaks way more to us.

One thing that stood out to us when we were handing out some of these goods was how polite and thoughtful everyone was. While we were handing lunch out, we got countless thank-yous and appreciation for what we were doing. If they didn’t need it, they would turn it down and have us save it for someone who needed it more. It made me realize regardless of how much you have, giving one small act of kindness whether it be giving someone lunch or just saving it for someone who needed it, can make a huge impact to someone else’s day or even life.

So yes, technically an act of kindness is considered selfish because it makes us feel good, but at least it‘s reciprocated towards others as well! If this resonates with you, please come join us one day whether it be by donating to those in need or your just simply your time. We promise it’ll be fun 🙂

Charities we have participated to date:

2017: Lupus Awareness Month 2017 Campaign – Raised $2,000

2018: Mother’s Day Charity Campaign for BC Cancer Society and raised $3050, and continuously donating every year

October 2018-2021: Participated in Thanksgiving food drive

March 2020:  “WALK IN HER SHOES” Campaign

April 2020: Supported team broken earth ($300)

August 2021: Made over 100 sandwiches for Downtown Eastside Sandwich Run

October 2022: Made over 120 sandwiches for Downtown Eastside Sandwich Run and feminine products for DTES Women’s Centre

December 2022: Made over 150 sandwiches ( thank you to Felicia for donating all the sandwich supplies) and our wonderful anonymous donors who donated tons of warm socks, toques and hand warmers for Downtown Eastside Sandwich Run 

2018-2022: Donated to Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (DEWC) over $3,000

PRESENT – Completed over 15 free PMU work for Cancer Survivors