Lip Blush

Lip Blush

Lip blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that will surely transform your look. You’ll have a lively complexion 24/7, and you’ll never have to worry about retouching your lipstick throughout the entire day. This procedure provides natural results for a more even brilliant colour and fuller lip. By enhancing the borders, your lips will also look more symmetrical and defined! Lip blush is an opportunity to colour correct and lighten dark undertones- giving you that consistent soft nude pink pout everyday! The results last around 1-3 years depending on lifestyle and skin factors. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to sell you – the procedure stimulates collagen production which means more natural fullness to your lips! What are you waiting for?

Color CorrectionAdditional $100
Touch Up Before 3 Months of Initial Appointment$55
Touch Up Before 1 Year of Initial Appointment$105
Touch Up Before 2 Year of Initial Appointment25% off Original Price
Touch Up After 2 Year of Initial AppointmentGrandfathered Price

Color CorrectionAdditional $100
Touch Up Before 3 Months of Initial AppointmentIncluded with initial appointment
Touch Up Before 1 Year of Initial Appointment$105
Touch Up Before 2 Year of Initial Appointment25% off Original Price
Touch Up After 2 Year of Initial AppointmentGrandfathered Price


​Meraki Beauty Bar is fully licensed and insured. This includes Permanent Cosmetics Technician license, Eyelash Extensions license, Nail Technician license, Tattoo Removal license, Burnaby Health Inspection license, and the City of Burnaby Business license.  All licenses are passed.

The highest level of sanitation standards must be used when it comes to permanent cosmetics, eyelash extensions, and nails.  This is important especially when open skin is involved for permanent cosmetics.

● Cavicide and PreEmpt CS20 are used to disinfect working area, procedure chair, and counter tops.

● All tools, needles, utensils are all brand new and disposed of after each client.

● Each disposable needle is opened in front of you.

● A paper bed lining is used and disposed of after each client

Appointment Preparation:

● Exfoliate and make sure lips are NOT DRY!

● The lips cannot be worked on if they are dry and have any sort of flaking. The tattoo procedure will further dry the skin out.  The needle will snag dry skin which causes sensitivity and bleeding. Bleeding will push pigment out and not allow it to settle.  This will negatively impact healed results.

● If you have a history of cold sores, you will need to take preventative anti-viral treatment before the procedure.

● No drinking alcohol the day before and the day of appointment as this increases bleeding.

● No drinking caffeine on the day of the appointment as this increases bleeding.

● You are able to take Tylenol 30 minutes prior to procedure to lessen the pain.  DO NOT take any other pain medications such as Advil, Moltrin, Aleve etc.  This will cause your blood to thin and as a result bleed excessively.

● Due to new COVID policies we are unable to provide blankets to the appointment, we suggest bringing a blanket and some ear phones to make your appointment comfortable.

● We will not work on anyone who has significant colour still left on their lips from another artist. If a client comes to an appointment with significant colour on their lips without approval the appointment is cancelled and the deposit forfeited.

More detailed instructions are provided upon booking in the confirmation email.


Consultation is preferably the same day as procedure. 30 minute consultation, 30-40 minutes of lip mapping and 1 to 2 hours of the actual procedure. For a total of 2-4 hours for the entire appointment depending on your desired shape and thickness.


A section in our consent form covers photo consent used for social media and training purposes.  If you wish to not have your face on any of these platforms it is encouraged to not sign that section of the consent form.  The photo your artist takes before the procedure will always be taken and strictly used for reference and will not be used for social media and training purposes if this section of the consent form is not signed.

Please closely follow these aftercare instructions to ensure the formation of thin scabs and thus better colour retention.

● Scrub, rub, or pick at the scabs/crusts that forms. Allow it to flake off by itself. If it is removed before it’s ready, the pigment
underneath can be pulled out.

● Use any makeup on the lips while scabs are present.

● Sweat profusely until all scabs are gone

● Use any Retin-A, Glycol Acids, or harsh exfoliants on the lips during or after healing.

● Expose area to excessive sun or tanning beds for 6 weeks.

● Swim in a pool/submerge tattoo in water for 2 weeks after your procedure.

For the first 4 hours after the procedure:

Keep the tattoo completely dry (NO ointment). Keep moving your lips to bring down swelling. Once every hour, use a damp cotton pad and swipe across the lips hard enough to see pigment come off on the pad.


Always keep the tattoo protected and moisturized by
applying a thin layer of aquaphor healing ointment with a clean Q-Tip every 30-60 minutes. This will help soothe discomfort and dryness. You will need to avoid any other lip balms and products during the healing process. Continue swiping the lips once every hour for the first day.

● AVOID TOUCHING the tattooed area with your hands. If you do not have a clean q-tip you must ensure your hands are properly washed before and after touching the tattoo.

● A small number of people get a reaction to the numbing solution after the procedure. If the skin around the tattooed area breaks out in small pimples or a heat rash, it usually goes away on its own within the week. Contact the shop immediately if this occurs so the technician can make a note of the reaction and follow-up with you. Make sure not to pick at the rash.

Days 3-4:

Scabs will start to appear. DO NOT EVER FORCEFULLY WIPE OR PEEL OFF SCABS PREMATURELY. Only use dabbing motions on the area to dry or apply ointment. Scabs usually fall off in 2-3 days.

Week 1-2:

Around this time the skin will be healed enough to go back to your regular cleansing and make up routine. You still want to avoid harshly scrubbing the area. Make up can be applied on top of lip balm.

To ensure tattoo longevity:

● Wear sunblock on the lips (at least SPF 30) to prevent fading

● Use aquaphor (or petrolatum ointment equivalent) to keep the
area moisturized. Use a thin layer of this underneath other lip
products- Make up may contain ingredients (ex. minerals) that
may darken your lips

● Smoking and sunlight will DARKEN the colour of your lips

What is normal?

● Mild swelling, bruising, itchiness, tightness and thin scabbing.

● Dark and slightly uneven appearance during healing. The tattoo
will darken for the next 2 days after the procedure and then
lighten after scabbing.

● Colour change or colour fading until Week 6 then the colour will then normalize. Keep in mind adjustments will be made during the touch-up appointment which is around 2 months after.

● Its very important to have the first touch up 6-8 weeks after the
first session, then every 1-2 years to keep your tattoos looking
fresh and beautiful!. An email or in-person photo consultation may be necessary to determine if you need a touch up or a repeat of the entire procedure depending on how long it’s been.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Meraki or your Lip Blush Artist.

Before you book, you are unable to continue with the procedure if you have any of the following:

• Pregnancy
• Breastfeeding
• Under the age of 18 (need parental consent)
• Botox (wait at least 3 weeks before booking an appointment)
• Fillers (wait at least 6 weeks before booking an appointment)
• Have taken alcohol 2 days before procedure
• Have taken blood thinning medication
• Hepatitis/Jaundice
• On Accutane within one year
• Eczema on the area of procedure
• Epilepsy

Must advise physician and provide a DRs note before booking
• Undergoing chemotherapy
• Diabetic
• On any heart medication
• On any medication that causes higher risk of bleeding/bruising

*If you are unsure the medication you are taking may affect our procedure, please email us prior to booking your appointment for approval*

*If you are unsure, please send a clear photo of your current lips for approval prior to booking.

• The deposit will be forfeited if you show up to the appointment with anything listed above.
• An additional $100 will be added on top of the artist's base rate for cover up work that requires colour correction.
• An additional $5 Covid fee charge is automatically applied to all services due to the increase in prices for PPE and cleaning supplies
• Any touch ups which were missed during the lockdown (March 2020 - June 2020) will no longer be valid. The touch up price will be applied to the time of your initial appointment

The above touch up policy after 2 years does not apply to clients that paid $250 or LESS at their initial appointment as these are introductory artist prices.

If you paid $250 or LESS at your initial appointment, the touch up price for after 2 years will be the same price as your initial appointment. There will not be a complimentary touch up included.

As Meraki Beauty Bar has customers in multiple cities, be advised that we will be travelling to different locations throughout the year. Rates vary in each city due to travelling expenses. Kindly note that while we will make every effort to make ourselves available for your 6th week touch ups however, we cannot guarantee an appointment in your city. However, all customers can make an appointment with our primary location in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Please be ON TIME for your appointment. Should you be late 15 minutes or more, your deposit will be forfeited and you will need to book a new appointment with a new deposit.

All appointments require a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 deposit towards the full procedure. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, you must notify us 72 hours prior to your initial appointment. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. If you reschedule more than once, another $100 deposit is required. If you wish to cancel your appointment, your deposit remains non-refundable.

Deposits made cannot be transferred to other services.

If your artist is unable to achieve the requested technique due to your pre-existing work, they may offer an alternative technique. If you and your artist cannot come to an agreement, we have the right to refuse service and the deposit will be non-refundable.

Touch ups:

Touch ups for Lip blush are dependent on the artist.  Please look at touch up pricing.

Your touch up after initial appointment must be at least 6 to 8 weeks.  If you book before then, please be advised there may be a higher chance that your brows are still healing and will still be very sensitive. As a result, it may be more painful.

It is your responsibility to book the touch up appointment depending on availability as many people cancel, reschedule, or artist is fully booked.  Should you schedule a touch up appointment, not show up, or late more than 15 minutes, you will be charged the full appointment amount.  Additional touch ups after the complimentary one will be at a portion of the first cost.

There are many factors as to why your permanent makeup may not last. This includes not following aftercare instructions, excessive sun exposure without wearing sunscreen, skin types that tend to be dry or flakey (eczema), using chemical peels and exfoliants frequently on the area etc.

Can I pick my own colours?

  • Every client has their own customized formula.
  • During the consultation I assess the natural undertones of the lip before discussing preferred colour choices. Depending on your complexion and keeping in mind the client's preferred colours choices, I suggest options before customizing mixes to best suit your skin tone and lip tone. The lip blush technique is meant for soft results. I do not over-line or tattoo strong colours.
  • I will not tattoo cool colours on any lips that have hyperpigmentation including even after colour correction is done. Cool colours will make hyperpigmented areas darker especially as time goes on.

How long does it last?

  • This relies heavily on client after-care and lifestyle factors. On average it lasts 1-2 years before significant fading in the middle of the lips.

What are the benefits of getting lip blush done?

  • It is perfect for those who want a more defined, even and natural colour to their lips. Most hyperpigmentation (dark areas) can be colour corrected and transformed for a lighter and brighter look. Please see below for more information on colour correction.

What if I have a lip tattoo from another artist?

  • Anyone with previous lip tattoos must email a clear photo of their bare lips in natural/bright light at: before booking an appointment.

Lip Blush Artist