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Chloe Van

Lip Blush Artist

"Love yourself. This phrase really resonated with me when I started working in healthcare. Witnessing health and happiness play in synergy, my experience has shown me that the happiest and most positive people lived a healthier, longer life. It was then when it hit me that my passion extended beyond improving health; it's helping others feel good about themselves internally and externally. Coming from personal experience, that extra boost of confidence whenever I got my lashes, brows, nails or hair done had such a significant positive impact on my energy and mood. I’m a firm believer in “look good, feel good” and continue to be inspired by it. Permanent make up really sparked an interest in me first because of the precious time it saves in the morning. But as importantly, being involved in a growing new era of permanent make up and spreading this modern lip blush trend to others in my hometown Vancouver is immensely rewarding. The most rewarding part however is building friendships with clients and helping them feel more comfortable in their own skin. The power of self confidence no matter how great, should be looked at as importantly as remembering to take a daily medication to enhance well-being. I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by hardworking, dedicated and passionate ladies at Meraki Beauty Bar. To learn and be inspired by them each day is truly a blessing."

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