Aiko Mollard /

Aiko Mollard

Educator, Marketing Manager, Powder Ombre Artist

"Helping people in any possible way I can is what makes me happy. Before I began working for Meraki, I graduated with a Psychology Degree and became a Youth Worker for traumatized youth. I did this while pursuing my side business as a photographer, and working a full time job as a supervisor at a coffee shop. The beauty industry has been something I’ve always loved and had an interest in, but never pursued. A new way to help people feel good about themselves, inside and out. This is what I live for. My attention to detail and my artistic nature has really helped me with this journey. I strive to make sure all my clients leave feeling happier. Some of my hobbies include; basketball, volleyball, drinking boba, gaming, listening to crime podcasts, photography, and long walks on the beach ;)"

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