Why Expensive Places May Not Offer The Best Quality

So you’ve decided to set yourself out to find a new lash bar. With all the research you’ve done, lash artists have unanimously agreed on one thing: cheap lashes are not good and good lashes are not cheap.

But does that mean the most expensive place will be the best lash shop you could go to? Our answer: not necessarily.

Think about your favorite shirt in the entire world. Is it the most expensive shirt that you’ve ever purchased? For some of you, probably not. For others, it may very well be. Same thing for lash extensions. 

I know some ladies who get their classic sets for $50 from a home studio and the work is proper, the customer service is amazing, and they absolutely love their lashes. I’ve also met some ladies who have paid well over $300 for their sets and how they felt about their lashes and service at the end of the day was just “meh”. Granted, sometimes it does take a couple of appointments to get it right, but this just goes to show that price is not the sole determinate of the quality of a service. 

Location, experience, products, time, and service are all factors we tend to bypass when thinking about price.  

Where is the salon you are visiting? Downtown, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam?

Depending where the salon takes place, rent can be much higher in central locations such as Downtown, where there is a greater amount of foot traffic, newer buildings, and easily accessible to parking and public transit. Salons in quieter isolated areas, older buildings or even home studios can usually obtain a cheaper rent. 

Experience also plays a huge role in pricing. Think about it. Would a 1 time certified lash technician charge $100+ for a set when offering lash extension services for the first time? It is more likely they will start off around $50 for a classic set, until they are able to improve their work, and build up their experience to full volume sets. Whereas a 5 time certified could charge more for their services having their fair share of experience in the field. 

There are all kinds of products offered on the beauty market with all kinds of price ranges. It is like going to the drugstore and buying a $10 foundation, whereas at Sephora you’ll find foundations for $50 for the same amount of product. It all comes down to if your lash technician is buying the best, most expensive products on the market or buying lower priced bulk orders on aliexpress, alibaba, etc.

In most cases, how long a lash technician spends on their work depends on their experience, reflecting in the price. You will find many senior lash technicians can take about 1.5- 2 hours on a full volume set while newer lash techs can take around 3 hours. With that being said, time can fluctuate on all different types of models. Not everyone has the same eyelashes. Some seem like they have a million lashes, and some none at all, explaining why sometimes services can take longer than others. 

What else is provided on top of your lash extensions service? Client services is a huge factor in differentiating salons, and their price from others. Think of shopping in a higher end department store compared to lower priced clothing store. Some salons go the extra mile for their clients, providing additional services, treats, drinks, etc to make sure their client get the most out of their time spent, and some just simply get the job done. 

We can all agree prices will always fluctuate everywhere we go, and many different factors play a role into how a service is priced. Hopefully now, it will make more sense on why not all expensive places offer the best quality, and you’ll have a better idea of the type of services you desire!

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