Lash Extensions or False Eyelashes,Which One Would YOU Choose?​

One thing we all know, love, and can not live without are eyelashes. They define our eyes, add volume, length and tie our makeup all together. But, people still wonder, what really is the difference between eyelash extensions and false eyelashes when they both serve to enhance our eyes? Allow us to explain.

Eyelash extensions require a skilled lash technician or esthetician, using a continued process of gluing silk, mink, or synthetic lashes to your natural lashes. Whereas, false eyelashes can be bought in any drugstore or department store. Although, they serve the same cosmetic function of making your lashes bold and beautiful, they are completely different! Time, price, longevity, and durability of the lashes all come in as factors to distinguish the difference between the two.

Lets begin with time, as we all know, time is precious. With eyelash extensions, depending on which look you are going for, it can take up to three hours of your time. With false eyelashes, it can take up to 10 minutes to apply. Difference is, after getting eyelash extensions, you would never have to worry about getting up to apply false lashes everyday! Three hours of your time to wake up with full, luscious, lashes every day? You'll never need to rush out the door without makeup, let alone wear any on top! It'll be your time to finally sit down and enjoy that morning cup of coffee girl.

Price is a huge factor that plays into distinguishing whether to get eyelash extensions or false eyelashes. As cliche as it sounds, quality over quantity always, and with quality and convenience, comes with a price. Eyelash extensions can range from as low as $50 to as pricey as $300. On the other hand, false eyelashes can be bought anywhere from as low as $1 for a pair. False eyelashes can often create a stiffer look, and an uncomfortable feel for consistent movement of the eyes due to the lashes being completely attached to the band that hold them all together. Meanwhile eyelash extensions offer a much a softer appeal to the eyes. Your lash technician would be able to glue individual lashes in any desired direction to create a much more blended look, perfectly suited for your eye shape.

Longevity of the lashes can also be a great tie breaker between the two. For many, eyelash extensions can last pratically as long as you want with proper aftercare of the lashes, and consistency of the occasional fills. A pair of strips can only be used for a couple of days before they fall apart, and you’d have to go buy a new pair again.

The durabilty of the lashes comes into correlation with your daily activities. Eyelash extensions must be avoided from water, and steam for the first twenty-four hours of the procedure, after that you can do anything your heart desires. On a casual day out, it is very unlikely your eyelash extensions will fall off your face. For false eyelashes? Girl, we all know this happens way too often. Who would dare to leave the house without eyelash glue on deck at all times with falsies on? The thing about false eyelashes is they are all connected to the band of the lashes, once a part of the adhesive loosens off the band, the whole lash slips right off. How many times have you left your house with false eyelashes on, and suddenly the inner corners of your lashes popped right off? I bet too many to count.

Eyelash extensions, and false eyelashes both have the same purpose, to enhance and define our eyes, but yes, they do differ in many ways! Hopefully now, it will be easier to distinguish the difference between the two. The only question now is...., which one would YOU choose?

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