How to Achieve Maximum Retention

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Your lash artist has just finished applying your first set of lashes.

She tells you to open your eyes and hands you a mirror.

 You look at them and just think, "Wow, it's going to be freaking awesome waking up looking this good every day."

And then she goes over aftercare.


Wait, after-what?

Why is the tech naming so many things you should and shouldn't do?

Isn't this supposed to be low maintenance?

How are you ever going to remember the 10 million things she just said?

The keyword here is low. Low maintenance does not mean no maintenance and as you build these steps into your routine, you'll eventually be doing it on autopilot. Here is the aftercare and why these steps are not optional.

Do not get your lashes wet or introduce moisture to them for the first 24 hours. This includes taking steamy showers "without getting them wet." The adhesive is still curing within those 24 hours and exposing your lashes to moisture can shock cure the glue. This essentially prevents proper curing by creating cracks within the glue. Think of an M&M. The shell surrounding may be hard, but the inside is still soft. That's basically what your lashes are like for the first 24 hours.

Do not pick or pull at your lashes. First of all, this hurts. Secondly, you're paying good money for a luxury service. Your pockets will hurt for coming back so frequently to replace the ones you've picked off, and your technicians will feel bad that you're wasting that money when you could be going longer between fills. Thirdly, this is damaging to your lashes. Scar tissue can grow over where your lashes used to grow, and, in some cases, it only takes one pull for that to happen. Your lash artist could be doing everything right, but by picking at your lashes they will get damaged.

Do brush your lashes every day, but don't brush them wet. Brushing your lashes everyday helps blood circulate for your new baby lashes to grow and removes the ones that are ready to come out. If you don't remove the adult lashes that are ready to leave, sometimes a baby lash could be too weak to push itself out and can lay dormant for weeks. This means sparser looking lashes! Brushing them wet adds weight to your extensions, closes fluffy fans and can promote premature shedding. Blot dry and blow-dry on cool air before brushing!

No oily products. Oils (including natural face oils) can break down the glue. Therefore, it's necessary that everything you use from your brow to your cheekbone is oil-free otherwise your lashes will be slipping off!

Do wash your lashes daily with a foaming cleanser and a dense, fluffy brush. It'll get rid of any excess oil and debris that your lashes may have caught throughout the day. This is especially true if you do wear makeup. Leftover makeup is a breeding area for bacteria which could lead to eye infections and lash mites. Yes. Lash mites are a thing!! Tiny parasites hiding in your lashes to eat dirt? No thank you. Washing your lashes will also help your lashes fluff back up to keep them looking fresh for your next fill.

Keep in mind ladies and gents, washing your lashes once before your appointment will NOT remove 2-3 weeks of buildup!! Incorporating all these steps into your daily routine not only will make you your lash tech’s FAVORITE client but will personally help you achieve the absolute maximum retention for those beautiful lashes you’ve always dreamed of.

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