marble and french ombre
hard gel extensions and nail art
apres gel x with swarovski crystals
overlay with handpainted designs
gel manicure with nail art
scupted hard gel extensions
overlay with handpainted designs
gel manicure with nail art
apres gel x with handpainted art
apres gel x with nail art
gel manicure with swarovski crystals
gel manicure with nail art
apres gel x with handpainted art
apres gel x with handpainted art



* appointments between 1-2 hours *
*Prices are subject to change*

 (All services should include: cuticle, nail trim, and shape)

$45 Gel Manicure
$70/$60 Apres Gel-X Extensions
$80/$70 Hard Gel Extensions
$65/$55 Hard Gel FIll

$55 Russian Manicure

* extra time needed *

$1-15+ Nail Art

$12 Glitter Ombre

$15 French Ombre

$20 French

$15 Chrome / Fairy Dust

$1-20+ SwarovskiCrystal(limited)


$5 Nail Repaid
+$8 Soft Gel Builder
+$10 Overlay


(includes quick trim, shape and buff)

$12 Gel Soak Off Manicure
$20 Gel-X Soak Off
$25 Hard Gel / Acrylic Removal



Tips - using fake nail tips to build out an extension


Forms - using stickers to build out an extension


Acrylic - a combination of liquid monomer and powder polymer. It adds strength to your nails and can be used to extend the length using forms or tips

Hard Gel - just like acrylic it is a nail enhancement but unlike a soft gel, it cannot be soaked off. It cures under UV/LED light. It is used to extend the length of the nail. It can be sculpted using forms or used over tips.

*please note: this process may give off heat. Some people may be more sensitive than others*

Aprés Gel X Extensions - This is a soft gel extension. Using tips and a new gel formulation, it gives you the short or long nails that you desire with minimal to zero heat. Lasts long just like a regular extension set and soaks off just like gel polish

Russian Manicure - A technique that uses an electic nail file to take off any excess skin on and around your nail bed, The technician will process to use a pair of scissors (instead of nippers) to trim off exes skin. Thi provides a clean and tidy canvas for polishing, which creates a seamless manicure


Soft Gel aka Gel Polish - 100% gel. It's a flexible gel that you can soak off using Acetone. (Shellac is a brand by CND. It's a hybrid which means it's half regular polish and half gel polish)


Soft Gel Builder - a soak off soft gel strengthener



Fills - when you have grown out extensions, we "fill" in the grown natural nail. We also remove any lifting prior to the fill

Overlay - when we put enhancement (gel or acrylic) over your natural nails to add strength 


Nail Technicians

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"Doing nails allows you to create anything you could ever imagine. I felt like that was the outlet I needed. I've always been a quiet person so I wanted to express myself and have people to get to know me through something I was comfortable with. Throughout this journey, I've grown and learned a lot and I wanted to share my experience and creativity with others!"

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"What started as a hobby for nails became more than that. I always loved art and drawing when I was younger and doing nail art on family and friends. I was studying interior design but I didn't feel happy doing it and wanted  to pursue a career that would make me happy, so I ended up taking a nail course and I have been doing nails for 4+ years now! Doing nails has been a lot of fun for me, and I love showcasing my work on my clients."

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