What is hard gel?
Hard Gel is a nail enhancement just like acrylic except it cures under an UV or LED light. It is typically used to strengthen the nail bed as an overlay or used to extend the nail as an extension. You can extend the nail by sculpting or by using tips. Unlike soft gel (gel polish) or shellac, hard gel cannot be soaked off. Hard gel can only be filed off

* please note: Hard gel products may give off "heat" when curing under UV or LED light. Some people may experience it more than others.

How much would this set cost?  
For a general service like gel manicure / hard gel extensions / gel x, there's a set price. But if you'd like to add on art, accents, crystals, etc.. Those would consider extra cost which can be calculated the day of the appointment. Or we can give you an estimate cost per design / finger if you have a reference picture

How much is nail art or Swarovski Crystals?
Prices on Nail Art vary by handpainted, intricate designs vs stickers, simple painted designs vs sequins or seashells / etc..

Prices for Swarovski Crystals vary by size and design


When should I come back for a service?
It's recommended to come back between 2.5-4 weeks.
However, this varies depending on what you do for work, hobby and housework. If you're more hands-on, it is more likely that you'll have to come back sooner than others

How much is removal / what's included?
If you are only coming back for a removal only, we will either soak off or file thin the gel (depending what you have on) quick shape and cuticle buff. There will be no cuticle work

* You will only be charged 1/2 the price if you'll be getting another nail service done with us the same day

Can I get lashes and nails done at the same time?
No, because this will effect the quality of both the tech's work and retention

How long is each service?
Approximate time:
* Gel Manicure - 1 hour
* Gel-X - 1.5 hour
* Hard Gel Extensions - 2 hours
* Nail Art - 10 minutes to 1+ hour (time will vary based on design / difficulty)

* It is very important for you to add: ADD ONS and EXTRA when booking in. This will give the nail technician additional time for your appointment if you'd like nail art or other services. If you have any questions regarding bookings, please feel free to contact us

Can you fix a broken nail?
Yes! We will extend the fingernail using hard gel to match the other fingernail lengths

* Extra cost will apply - $5

What kind of products do you use?
We use:
- Akzentz (Local. 100% gel)
- Sweet Candy (Korean. 100% gel)
- Estemio (Korean. 100% gel)
- ONI (Japanese)
- Gel Graph (Japanese. 100% gel)
- Aprés (Japanese / US. Soft gel)
- Canvas (Local)
- E Nail Couture (Canadian)
- CatsMe (Korean. 100% gel)

* 100% gel : products lasts 2.5-4+ week. Depending what your daily routine and work is, longtivity varies.

Can I take off my gel manicure at home?
1. file top coat (shine) off
2. Soak cotton in 100% Acetone nail polish remover
3. Put Acetone cotton on top of the nail and wrap in aluminum foil
4. Soak for 10-20 minutes
5. Gently scrap off
6. Lightly buff and cuticle oil

Accidents happen and that's ok!

Here's some tips that can help your manicure and extensions last a little longer!

- Wear gloves when cleaning. Cleaners may cause nails to discolour or lift off your natural nail bed. It can also dry out your skin and cuticles  
- Wear gloves when putting and massaging on purple shampoo. It will stain your nails and skin
- Wear gloves when using spices. Spices like Tumeric will stain your nails
- Avoid using your nails as "tools" it can damage your manicure or even your natural nails
- Do not pick any part of the manicure that is lifting. You may gently file it off

- Vitamins and supplements can help promote healthier and stronger nails

- Sometimes, taking a break once in a while can help give your nails a "break" this gives time for natural nails to grow and strengthen

- Pre-book appointment(s) to help maintain your nails!