Can I pick my own colours?

  • Every client has their own customized formula.

  • During the consultation I assess the natural undertones of the lip before discussing preferred colour choices. Depending on your complexion and keeping in mind the client's preferred colours choices, I suggest options before customizing mixes to best suit your skin tone and lip tone. The lip blush technique is meant for soft results. I do not over-line or tattoo strong colours.

  • I will not tattoo cool colours on any lips that have hyperpigmentation including even after colour correction is done. Cool colours will make hyperpigmented areas darker especially as time goes on.

How long does it last?

  • This relies heavily on client after-care and lifestyle factors. On average it lasts 1-2 years before significant fading in the middle of the lips.

What are the benefits of getting lip blush done?

  • It is perfect for those who want a more defined, even and natural colour to their lips. Most hyperpigmentation (dark areas) can be colour corrected and transformed for a lighter and brighter look. Please see below for more information on colour correction.

What if I have a lip tattoo from another artist?

  • Anyone with previous lip tattoos must email me a clear photo of their bare lips in natural/bright light at: before booking an appointment.


How do I know if I need color correction?

  • If your lips have any darkness/two tone lips, it’s most likely going to need colour correcting.

  • If you are unsure about your lips requiring colour correction, please email a clear, close up photo of your entire lips to

  • There are a few lip skin conditions that I will not be able to work on, please email me if you have very dark, thick or wrinkled lips to confirm.

How can I prepare for a colour correction session?

  • The most important thing is mentally preparing for the time and patience that is required! Requiring multiple sessions of colour correction is very normal.

  • Please fully understand all aspects of colour correction by reading my information here.

How is this procedure different from the standard lip blush procedure?

  • Colour correction needs to be done with special neutralizing pigments. The lips need to heal and then be re-assessed at the 6-8 week mark. Depending on the severity of hyperpigmentation, it's normal to need more than 2 sessions of colour correcting to get desired results

Why is colour correction needed?

  • If lips are not colour corrected, tattooing standard lip blush pigments will either not show (due to the darkness of lips) and/or cause more noticeable unevenness of the lips .

Please note: I will not tattoo any cool colours on anyone with hyperpigmentation in their lips. Cool toned pigments have blue/purple/black pigments in them.  Even after successful colour correction, if a cool pigment is tattooed it has historically reversed any colour correction results.



Patience is key!

1. Colour correction sessions mean the goal is to completely neutralize the lips FIRST, to achieve an even toned, lighter palette, eliminating any dark areas. This is necessary and if not done, attempting to tattoo standard lip blush pigments will either not show and/or make dark areas even darker!

2. Depending on the severity of hyperpigmentation, it is normal that more than 2 colour correction sessions may be required before tattooing a desired lip colour

3. After a colour correction session, expect the lips to be swollen and have a bright orangey and/or yellow tint of red-pink.  

4. Please have realistic desired colour expectations. If a client has strong hyperpigmented lips, it is just not feasible to achieve a pale light nude or barbie pink look as examples.

5. I will not tattoo cool pigments on any lips with hyperpigmentation, even after colour correction is achieved. Cool toned pigments have blue/purple/black pigments in them. If a cool pigment is tattooed it has historically reversed any colour correction results and can make dark areas darker! 

6. The procedure is longer than standard lip blush and expect the initial session to be the full 4 hours. Hyperpigmented skin is naturally thicker, this means it takes more time, pressure and layers of pigment to get to saturation.

7. There are a few lip conditions I will not be able to work on, such as very dark, thick and wrinkled lips. Please email if you are unsure. 

8. Clients who have strong hyperpigmentation and skin tones Fitzpatrick 5-6 are intrinsically at higher risk of going through active hyperpigmentation or active hypopigmentation during healing (6 weeks - 3 months)

A. Temporarily, the lip skin cells may react to the “stressor” of tattooing by increasing the production of melanin (this is our natural skin pigment) which results in darker spots. Or, lip skin cells may react to the “stressor” of tattooing by stopping the production of melanin completely which results in very pale spots.

B. Please remember this is temporary. After scabs fall off, lip stick may be used under a thin layer of petrolatum ointment to cover this until it normalizes

9. Please review my general Lip Blush FAQ for other important pre-care information.




What does my lip look like immediately after the procedure?

  • The lips will be swollen and usually takes at most 24 hours to normalize.

  • The lips will be bright in colour and darken slightly. Healed results are 40-60% of that colour.


What are the two different stages of healing?

  • Between Days 2-5: thin scabs will form which should be left to fall off on it’s own

  • Day 5 - Week 6: colour will slowly come back and it is normal to have some patchiness until Week 6.

When is it necessary to come back for a touch up appointment?

  • For tattoo longevity I strongly recommend coming for a touch-up between the 6-8 week mark from the initial session

For more information such as after-care and things to avoid, please refer to my after-care handout here: