What does my lip look like immediately after the procedure?

  • The lips will be swollen and usually takes at most 24 hours to normalize.

  • The lips will be bright in colour and darken slightly. Healed results are 40-60% of that colour.


What are the two different stages of healing?

  • Between Days 2-5: thin scabs will form which should be left to fall off on it’s own

  • Day 5 - Week 6: colour will slowly come back and it is normal to have some patchiness until Week 6.

When is it necessary to come back for a touch up appointment?

  • For tattoo longevity I strongly recommend coming for a touch-up between the 6-8 week mark from the initial session

For more information such as after-care and things to avoid, please refer to my after-care handout here. Available to download. 

Lip Blush Aftercare 2021.jpg