Lash Extention



1. How long will lash extensions last?

 2.5 to 3 weeks with proper care.


2. What is the most common eye shape do people get?

Cat Eye; being longer at the ends giving a winged-eyeliner effect & Doll Eye; being longer in the center giving an opened eye effect


3. What lengths do you offer?

We offer length ranges from 9mm to 16mm.


4. What are the differences between each set?

Classic Set – 1 Extension : 1 Natural Lash Application, 100% Coverage

Half Volume – 3-4 Extensions : 1 Natural Lash Application, 60% Coverage

Full Volume – 5 Extensions : 1 Natural Lash Application, 80% Coverage

Russian Volume – 6-10 Extensions : 1 Natural Lash Application, 100% Coverage


5. Do you have sensitive/hypo allergenic glue?

Yes, we offer patch tests as well.  Sensitive/Hypo Allergenic glue is an alternative for ladies who are allergic to the regular glue.  Please email if you would like the full list of ingredients in our glues.


6. When should I come for a fill?

Between 2.5 to 3 weeks.  Must have 40-50% lashes for it to be considered a new fill.  Anything less than that, the extensions will be considered a FULL SET.


7. Will my lashes fall off when I stop this procedure?

No, because with proper application and care, your lashes will regenerate themselves. Seeing your natural lash shed with the extension is completely normal; naturally you lose about 1-5 lashes a day with or without extensions. The only way for your natural lashes to be damaged is if they were applied improperly or with improper aftercare.


8. What will happen if my lashes fall off really quickly?

If your extensions are shedding quickly, please contact your Lash Artist right away and double check your aftercare. How your extensions last is 20% application by the Lash Artist and 80% how you take care of them. Please visit question 12 for aftercare if you are unsure.


9. My eyelashes are really weak, will it be able to handle full sets like full volume/Russian volume?

This will be determined through your eyelash artist as we would not want to compromise the integrity of your natural lash. However, please keep your expectations realistic as we can only work with what you give us!


10. Can I wear mascara or eyeliner?

Minimal makeup as always best with lash extensions. Make sure your makeup is the liquid kind, oil free, and non-waterproof. We wouldn't recommend mascara as removing will most likely take off most of your extensions.


12. How do I clean my lashes? What is the after care?

The aftercare is as follows:

  • First 24 hours no water steam or moisture

  • Do not spray your lashes directly with the shower head

  • Oil free products (makeup, makeup remover, skin care) around the eyes only

  • Sleep on your back (side/face sleeping will cause your extensions to shed either on one side or faster altogether)

  • No picking or pulling at your natural lashes

  • Washing your lashes daily/every other day. You can do this with lash cleanser or baby shampoo and a small brush going in circular motions around your lash line.

13. When should I take a break from lash extensions?

When applied and taken care of properly, normally no break is needed for lash extensions due to the shorter hair growth cycle. However, if our Lash Artist do notice any changes in lash growth and would recommend a break, they will definitely let you know!


14. What should I prepare before I come in?

Please come in with no eye makeup or curled lashes. If you have any pictures you like, also bring those with you to help guide your consultation with your Lash Artist.