**Please note this information is strictly for Permanent Cosmetics Services** 



Meraki Beauty Bar is fully licensed.  This includes my Permanent Cosmetics Technician license, Eyelash Extensions License, Burnaby Health Inspection License, and the City of Burnaby Business License.  All licenses are passed.  I am also insured by Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada. 
The highest level of sanitation standards must be used when it comes to permanent cosmetics, eyelash extensions, and nails.  This is very important especially when there is open skin involved for permanent cosmetics.  

Meraki Beauty Bar uses seven levels of cleaning for sanitation purposes.

  1. Cavi wipes are used to disinfect working area, procedure chair, and counter tops.

  2.  All tools, needles, utensils are all brand new and disposed of after each client.

  3. Each disposable needle is opened in front of you. 




Consultation is preferably the same day as the procedure. 1 hour of consultation and brow perfecting followed by 1 hour of the initial procedure. For a total of 2-2.5 hours for the entire appointment depending on your desired shape and thickness.


Touch ups:

Your one free touch up appointment should be booked at the 6-8 week mark from the initial appointment. If you book before then, please be advised there may be a higher chance that your brows are healing and will still be very sensitive. As a result, it may be more painful.


It is your responsibility to book the touch up appointment depending on availability as many people cancel & reschedule. If you schedule a touch up appointment and no show, you will be charged as if it was a regular touch up appointment.   Additional touch ups after the complimentary one will be at a portion of the first cost.


After the initial touch up there are many factors as to why your brows may not last long. This includes not following aftercare instructions, lots of sun exposure while not wearing sunscreen, skin types that tend to be dry or flakey, as well as using chemical peels and exfoliants frequently on the area etc.



The Healing/Aftercare Process:

It is crucial that aftercare instructions are followed during the healing process. Failure to do so may affect results.


  1. Permanent Cosmetics area will begin to oxidize and gradually get darker.  The darkest will be the following day.

  2. Area will begin to scab/flake with the healing time consisting of 7-10 days but this solely depends on the person and their body. Some women may heal in 4 days, but some in 2 weeks. Do not compare yourself to others.  Please try to schedule your events accordingly.

  3. When they start to peel DO NOT pick at them, as the area that has been picked at will be lighter than the rest once healing is finished. When the peeling is completed, you are able to proceed with your regular routine.

  4. Always sleep on your back; generally side and stomach sleepers tend to have the worst retention as the scabs are removed in their sleep from the surrounding areas.

  5. Working out is not recommended as it produces sweat and may cause pre-mature lifting of the scabs.  This include swimming, hot yoga, and sauna.  If any of this is done, it can cause your scabs to peel prematurely and can even lose pigment.

  6. The healing process is very similar to a tattoo on your body. Nothing should be touching the permanent makeup area during healing. This includes shampoo, cleansers, makeup etc. From the moment you walk out with your new brows they will become significantly darker and will begin to scab.

  7. If you would like to cleanse the area, water is acceptable.  Always PAT dry with PAPER TOWEL.

  8. Apply balm that is provided at the time of the appointment once per day for seven days in the mornings.  With oilier skin clients, apply balm for five days. This acts as a protective barrier.  ONLY ADD A PAPER THIN AMOUNT.  Gently apply onto area in a TAPPING MOTION. 

  9. Never expect your permanent cosmetics to be perfect the very first time.  There can be times where scabs come off too early and poor retention is caused.  This is why there is always a free touch up appointment to fix any areas.


Depending on your body, skin type, and lifestyle, your permanent cosmetic area can last anywhere from 1 to 2 years. Most ladies like to come back for a touch up after every year at a smaller cost. If you are a very active individual and are exposed to the sun often, your brows may fade quicker.  You can maximize the length of your new brows by applying sunscreen to protect them from fading.